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After a thorough review, they will identify potential data errors and prioritize the items that have the most impact. Then Sky Blue will start sending dispute letters to the credit bureaus, up to 15 per 35-day cycle. Contact each credit reporting agency and get the names of the dispute department supervisors and managers. Mail your credit repair business’ business cards and brochures to each supervisor and manager along with an introductory letter. Stay in regular contact with the dispute departments and learn their dispute procedures. This means not only will they offer various packages, but they will also charge different fees.

When creating a catchy credit repair name, the initial step is to brainstorm keywords that you feel best to reflect your business. Many of our business credit clients have shown concern and discouragement in regard to repairing and building their credit profiles. It outlines all startup costs such as; software, inventory, and assets. Be specific about your business goals and detail exactly how you plan to make money and scale it. Look at the key performance indicators you will use to measure your success.

To launch your business credit profile properly, you should get approval for vendor accounts that report to the business CRAs. And with an established business credit profile and score you can start to get retail and cash credit. Quickly access your Equifax credit report, place a freeze or fraud alert, or submit a dispute. The Credit People offers service in every state except for Oregon, according to a representative.

When you see people talking negatively about credit repair, say something. Explain that credit repair companies like yours are just trying to help people get back on their feet after their credit has been negatively impacted. By holding yourself to a high standard and spreading the word about your own integrity, you can begin to build trust to grow your own business and for the entire credit repair industry. If it were to become clear after you filed the report that your client was lying about the debt, your company would be held in violation of the law for filing a false report. Filing a claim on behalf of a client is one practice that many credit repair companies may not even know is both unethical and potentially illegal. Educate yourself and your employees on integrity and best practices to avoid a sticky situation.

However, it can be difficult to wade through the thousands of blogs, articles, and advertisements to get the information you really need to get started. Once you launch your site, you can change the images, colors and text to make it unique. If you’re a Credit Repair Cloud user, you can add the Web Lead Form from your Credit Repair Cloud so leads and clients can request a consultation or sign up right on your site. And if you use Chargebee, your clients can add a credit card to start their monthly payments to you.

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