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Born and raised in Belgium, his international education paths has fostered the desire to empower high-quality educational opportunities. Experts in human factors produce goods that are easier to use by employing their knowledge of how individuals learn and communicate with their setting. Creates the personnel and management departments’ training and leadership programs. While the terms are used interchangeably, and functions are usually combined, there is a distinction between Industrial-Organizational Psychology and business psychology.

Courses are taught by leading academics from the Marketing Group, who are ranked number 1 in Scotland in the National Student Survey 2020, and the Psychology Department who are renowned for their applied expertise and high-impact research. Business Psychology provides in-depth knowledge of business psychology, which is becoming increasingly important in a market characterized by fierce competition for economic resources, attention or professional talent. Topics such as behavioural economics, HR management, User Experience research, innovation psychology and entrepreneurship are also part of the agenda. Students specialize in the theory and practice of business psychology, with a non-clinical, analytical and consultancy oriented perspective that is highly relevant for the job market. The Psychology Department administers this major, which includes courses provided by the Rady School of Management.

To enhance performance and the working condition, business psychologist studies workers and businesses. To analyze fields and instruments for change, a business psychologist assesses its priorities, job practices, and employees. Certain psychology courses are especially relevant for students thinking of careers in business.

Get started by completing our online request form to find out if PAU is a good fit for you. From a business standpoint, employee turnover leads to higher costs, so using basic business psychology principles to address issues that reduce in diminished workplace happiness is a key factor in mitigating extra business expenses due to turnover. Human factors specialists utilize their understanding of how people learn and interact with their environment to develop products that are simpler to use. For example, if you were employed as a human factors specialist, you might be enlisted by an electronics company to work with engineers and designers to develop a smartphone that is easy for the end-user to interact with. All most all states require that you receive licensure and/or certification before practicing as a licensed psychologist in any capacity. However, one of the main advantages of having a bachelor’s or a master’s degree in business psychology is that it opens up doors for you in a variety of different non-clinical industries.

When you earn a business psychology degree, you are arming yourself with the know-how necessary to be successful at improving organizational productivity and personnel performance. To help you meet these goals, every class at SNHU is taught by professionals working in the field. “As a clinical psychologist during the day, I share with the class clinical case studies of how work stress impacts the mental health of employees and business owners.

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